Director of PAKS Gallery Heinz Playner shows Art of Young-Sik Lee in Vienna, MAMAG Modern Art Museum, Austria

Artist Young-Sik Lee combines mythology with a touch of actual reality.  His cosmopolitan philosophical thoughts flow through his works of art.  The connection between metaphorical views and artistic implementation are fascinating in every work of art“.

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„Der Künstler Young-Sik Lee verbindet Mythologie mit einem Hauch von Realität. Seine kosmopolitischen philosophischen Gedanken fließen durch seine Kunstwerke. Die Verbindung zwischen metaphorischen Ansichten und künstlerischer Umsetzung ist in jedem Kunstwerk faszinierend.“

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SHIBUYA ART EXPO / The Tokyo Art Exhibition im Mai 2021, Japan

Ich wurde von Contemporary Art Station in Tokio, Japan, zu The Tokyo Art Exibition eingeladen, konkret gesagt,

SHIBUYA ART EXPO / The Tokyo Art Exibition in Tokio, Japan am 27. bis 30. Mai 2021. Primium Kunstgallery.

Shibuya ist ein bedeutendes Handels, Finanz, Mode, Musik und Kulturzentrum von Tokio, der Hauptstadt Japans. Die Primium Kunstgallery befindet sich in der Nähe des Shibuya-Bahnhofs, wo busietst Station& Hot place in Japan ist.

Auf dieser Kunstausstellung werde ich mein neuer Bilder Zyklus-Das Goldene Vlies präsentieren.

Contemporary Art Station stellt mich auf seiner Website wie folgt vor:

Young-Sik Lee


Narcissus & farewell 180cm x 100cm.2013

LEE, Young-Sik born in Seoul, South Korea, has been studying, living and working as a freelance artist in Berlin since 2002.

Under the title “Metaphor”, LEE mainly shows large-format works with colorful, emblematic animal-human scenes that can be described as a sequence or variation of a single motif.

In addition to the question of the metaphorical powers of images, the question can also be asked whether images as a whole can be a metaphor. The word „metaphor“ comes from the Greek and means „transference“. In modern art, the term stands for the symbolic use of parable pictures or as a synonym for allegory.
It is always images from different worlds that are assembled by LEE. Influenced by China’s culture as the oldest culture in Asia, he uses detailed representation in combination with play of colors in his work to perfection. He attaches the greatest importance to conveying a certain mood that casts a spell over the viewer
Animals are deprived of their natural environment like the crocodile that emerges from the dark. His scaly armor shimmers brightly like mother-of-pearl in the light, his snout is wide open and in front of him is a dead bird. A closer look reveals a bizarre detail: on the floor there is a tote bag, a cultural asset of our time. Crocodiles live in symbiosis with birds, they are also the closest recent relatives of the dinosaurs. The picture is titled „Narcissus and Farewell“. The meaning of this title is immediately apparent and is not in need of any further explanation. What remains is horror, LEE calls it: „The aesthetics of horror“. When I start painting, the invisible becomes visible. Figures change, I relish the metamorphosis that comes with inspiration. LEE breaks down the lines between human and animal behavior. The atmosphere of the images and, upon closer inspection, the metaphorical references also reveal subliminal levels of meaning. His painting reflects today’s times and the way „in which we submit to the world“.